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IMU-LS-15: Hacking Harvard: My Teaching & Learning Experience (Nor Fadzleen Sa'don)


IMU Webinar Series is back! The first speaker for this round (11:30 am, 28 Aug) will be Nor Fadzleen Sa'don, who gave an inspiring online talk during LIT03 about innovative ways we can reinvent dynamic and lively learning environment in Malaysian schools. In this webinar session, she will share some insights about Harvard Summer School (which she recently attended), and the teaching and learning ecosystem in Harvard University. 

Please take the time to join us to discover Nor Fadzleen Sa'don's journey to innovate learning and teaching.


Title: Hacking Harvard: My Teaching & Learning Experience
Date: 28 August (Wednesday)
Time: 11:30 AM, Kuala Lumpur time
Platform: WizIQ

CLICK HERE to view the webinar recording.

(Please skip the first 20 minutes of the recording to go straight to Nor Fadzleen Sa'don's talk...The edited version will be made available soon.)

"This talk will mainly focus on Harvard Summer School and the teaching and learning ecosystem in Harvard University. I will share the syllabi, projects and case studies that encompass High Order Thinking Skills and the importance of having fun with innovative ideas. At the end of the talk, I hope the knowledge sharing session would ignite the passion of ongoing learning and rediscovering ways we can teach and learn effectively." - Nor Fadzleen Sa'don

Nor Fadzleen Sa'don is currently a fulltime postgraduate student, majoring in IT Management at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Prior to this, she taught for 11 years as a Master Teacher of English Language at local government school in Johor. Her research focuses on VLE governance and implementation in Malaysian schools. She is the committee member of Malaysian Educational Technology Association (META). Her main interests are E-Learning, Creativity, Materials Development and Systems Thinking. 

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Although, we don't take official registration for this webinar session, we have set up a Padlet Wall for you to register creatively and perhaps say hi to the speaker and even ask a question before the webinar:

5 Important lessons, I learned from this inspiring talk by Nor Fadzleen Sa'don about Harvard Summer School:

  1. At Harvard you are encouraged to learn, think and have group discussions outdoors
  2. Class participation is highly valued. 30% of the course evaluation is based on student's class participation (at least for Nor's 2 courses). 
  3. Students learn through attending/facilitating workshops, giving presentations and doing projects on real companies or ideas that can be applied to the real world. A lot of emphasis is given on students to speak up, articulate and share their ideas, opinions and thoughts. 
  4. Students are required to mostly find their own resources for the learning activities, and spoon-feeding or regurgitation of the Professors' notes is simply a No No! 
  5. The Professors are not there to tell you what is right and wrong, but to provoke you to think and challenge one another to find your own path in a myriad of possibilities. You have to be prepared to get constructive feedback from your peers and Professors at all times. 

Finally, although learning is tough at Harvard, you are recommended to have fun while you try to innovate or find creative solutions to the biggest problems and issues that the world is facing today.

And amazingly, Nor Fadzleen Sa'don attended Harvard Summer School while fasting, and one of her team project reports scored the highest (Al-Hamdulilla). Insya-Allah, she is destined to do great things for education in Malaysia and beyond :)

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