Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Medical Pearls - One Essential Lesson Each Day!

“Medical Pearls teaches one essential lesson each day.”

Medical Pearls are a collection of free, email-based educational services for medical trainees (including medical students, medical residents and clinical fellows) that are designed to be used as an adjunct to a clinical rotation.

Each day, students and instructors will receive a different clinical question by email whose answer represents a ‘Pearl’ of knowledge in a given field.  Students will work out the answer and then review the answer with their clinical supervisor.  At the end of each week, they email you their proposed answers.

You can work alone or with a group to learn 40 core concepts in each medical specialty. Current medical specialities available are:
Those who sign up will receive an email each weekday that contains a clinical question and/or problem. The questions cycle is 2 months, which coincides with the length of many clinical rotations. The answer to each question, or the thought process that leads to the answer, represents a topic or concept which might otherwise be missed during the course of a clinical rotation.

Students are expected to try solving the question independently, and then review the answer with their clinical supervisor. At the end of each week, students will receive an answer set to the week’s questions.

As the instructor, you should subscribe to the appropriate list – the emails you receive will be slightly different and will provide more details about the program and suggestions on how best to use it as an educational tool.

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Do you think this educational learning tool (or approach) could potentially be useful for IMU medical students and staff? 

Are we doing something similar now? We can certainly learn more about their approach to engage the students to learn and reflect (collectively) through essential clinical questions (core concepts), which might otherwise be missed during the course of a clinical rotation. 

Interestingly, they are using WordPress (free and commercial blogging platform) to empower their Medical Pearls site.

Anything is possible!

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